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Billy as a

Motivator and Public Speaker


How do you make others move? How do you make them realize that there is still hope? How do you make them try again? How do you move and enliven their spirits? The kind of leadership one has revolve around the ever-encompassing trait of influence. It is by far one of the most important attributes a leader should have and develop to have. As what John Maxwell has said, everything rises and falls on leadership. And the best way to measure it is by the level of influence.


as a Family

In line with this, Billy is one of those leaders that shines with this exuberant level of influence. The charisma is always there whenever he is onstage, either by giving a speech, energizing the crowd, story telling, or even cracking a joke. It’s impressive that because of this trait, he continues to lead the organization of 100,000+ associates, and innovates the system to make it easily absorbed even by newcomers. He speaks from the heart and understands perfectly well how to elicit the kind of emotion needed at the moment. He is like a torchlight in your labyrinth called entrepreneurship, that lights your path, guiding you tirelessly so you could not lose your way. And in the event that you lost it, he is still there, assuring you that you can always find your way back.