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It has always been my advocacy to inspire and motivate people into being the best versions of themselves. These people, in return, will then be able to inspire and motivate others, and so the cycle goes on. This ripple effect is one of the cornerstones of success, whether it is on one’s career, personal relationship or health. I believe that this kind of mindset should start deep within us, so that we may be able to share it to others. To be able to shape the minds of those seeking inspiration and motivation is one of the strategies that should be applied by teams, organizations and even corporations in order for their members and employees to achieve the peak of their emotional and mental state. In order to have a healthier and more efficient workforce, companies and organizations should shape the mindset of their employees to transform stress into a positive mindset are their biggest tools towards organizational success. 

I have practiced this and preached this over and over again, and I am happy that the results are tremendously mind-blowing. Let me help you achieve that.

I have spoken to different groups across a plethora of verticals and disciplines: Banks, Teachers, Students, Employees, various Companies and Business Groups mainly focusing on the following topics:
  • Leadership Trainings
  • Personal Development Drive
  • Developing Teamwork
  • Sales Training: 7 Deadliest Closing Techniques
  • Stress Management
  • Business Mindset Development

Guadaljara, Mexico

Vancouver, Canada

Seoul, South Korea

Bangkok, Thailand

Tokyo, Japan

Perth, Australia


Sydney, Australia

Los Angeles, California, USA

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Jakarta, Indonesia

Join me as I continue to inspire individuals and organizations worldwide. I had several International speaking engagements across the following countries:

  1. Guadalajara, Mexico
  2. Vancouver, Canada
  3. Seoul, Korea
  4. Bangkok, Thailand
  5. Tokyo, Japan
  6. Perth, Australia
  7. Sydney, Australia
  8. Singapore, Singapore
  9. Los Angeles, California, USA
  10. Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
  11. Jakarta, Indonesia

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