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A Joy-ful “Movie-tational” Encounter

While waiting aboard our flight to the US from a dreamy week-long Euro-trip capped by the ever beautiful Venice scenery, I suddenly found myself flicking through the movie list to try to kill some time. A title got me curious, Joy. I watched it until the end, happily absorbing the learnings and realizations I got from the movie. It was a story about a girl who loves to create things since she was little. Life was not sweet-sailing for her though. Her parents got divorced. She married a little early and had a child. She was given the daunting responsibility of supporting the family. The challenges dampen the dreams in her heart. Until an opportunity came and she courageously grabbed it, giving way to a full life she dreamed of for herself and her family.

“When you’re hiding, you’re safe, because people can’t see you. But funny thing about hiding, you are even hidden from yourself.”

This was my favorite quote from the movie, an idea that echoes the cliche, get out of your comfort zone.

I have realized that we need to stop hiding from the things that we want to do in our lives. We need to stop being safe, being afraid of what others might say or think about us, or waiting for the right time.

We should be real, especially to ourselves. Be the man (or woman) that we want to be. Unleash our potential, that bottled and sleeping talent or passion we are keeping for ourselves. Let the world see us for who we really are and start to let people in our world.

Do you want to live a life of regrets?

I believe that behind closed doors, you are friendly, joyful, fun-loving, intelligent, hardworking, smart, caring and loving. Let these traits seep out of your isolation and be shared to the people around you.

Do not be too sensitive or reactive with people who doesn’t understand you. You are not who you are because you have hidden yourself not just from others but also yourself. Definitely, there’s more to you than meets the eye.

Do not be afraid to make decisions, moreso to commit mistakes. Do not be hesitant to let others guide you and love you. Do not be afraid to trust again.

Because what you need is to step up on the plate and to become the leader that you were made of. To become the husband that you dreamed to be. To become the father that you know you ought to be.

That is why, don’t wait for another year. Take control of your mind. And veer away from just watching your life drift afar your targets by making laziness as your excuse. Instead, focus on really facing what you fear the most: uncertainties. Life is about the things you plan that might or might not succeed. With this, just do what you have to do. You know it. You feel it. There are things you can control and things you cannot. Just charge them all to experience and learn, learn, learn.

In the movie, Joy wanted to sell her idea, of a product that she thought would benefit a lot of people, through all means possible. It doesn’t matter what methods she has used, as long as the message was sent across. She was deliberate, consistent and adamant. Even if it seems that she’s going to fail, she persevered and took the challenge head on. Until she made it.

Your Action is the Sail that Directs your Life

So, take charge of your life. Start making real impact in the world. Start with your family and the people nearest to you. Then with your core group, the team composed of you and people who share the same goals that you have. Follow through with your acquaintances that will become your friends, eventually. Consider mending broken relationships for it will relieve you of all the baggages that you are carrying unconsciously the whole time. Change your perspective to change your life.

For the way you see things greatly affects your actions. And you need to be productive to reach your maximum level of coherence. Remember, you are the maestro that commands the orchestra of your life. Different instruments create various tones, music and timber. But blending them together in one full swing makes a masterpiece. Be that masterpiece.

Start becoming independent. For a baby cannot learn how to walk if he doesn’t want to stand on his own. The moment that you are too reliant of others is the moment you stop growing from the inside. It’s high time to grab the wheel, change the gear, and step on the gas. Take charge and show yourself to the world beyond the comforts of your borders.

Believe me after this, you are going to have the time of your life.

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