Valuable Learnings from Our Kids

Whenever I talk to my kids, I can always see the great disparity that we, adults, have compared to them. Kids have a knack for dreaming, and their imaginations run wild due to their boundless and unhindered minds. They can turn a piece of paper into anything that they want, be it a sword, a boat, or a cape. They can dream outrageously, and still look forward to achieving it. Unlike most adults today that are already resigned with their lives – unable to give themselves a chance on reliving their wildest dreams.

Being a father of three boys ages seven, four and one, I have observed some of their mentalities that really stood out for me, and I believe, we can re-learn and re-apply as adults to make our lives more meaningful. Read all five, and be amazed.



Children in general are not bounded by the realities of the world. They dream endlessly while sleeping, but more so while they are wide awake. And it is so much fun to see kids try to live their fantasies and remind us what dreaming really is – limitless.

What were your dreams as a child? Did you dream about getting rich? Did you aspire to become a celebrity? The sad truth is that no matter how high our dreams are when we were young, those dreams are recalibrated within our financial capacity as we grow older. We can only dream as much as how high our income is, which for most of us, is just enough. Add this to the fact that we tend to prioritize providing for our families rather than fulfilling our passion.

Kids don’t just dream effortlessly; they also believe that it would really come true. Try it too on your goals.

Excitement Level

Excitement Level

It is always automatic to see genuine excitement on kids. They brim with energy whenever and wherever it may be. You can observe this more on occasions like Christmas or their birthdays, where they expect to get some gifts. You can even see it while they are playing or in other simple things like when they get to eat their favorite dish or dessert.

What are you excited about today? Or, has it been a long while since you have felt that excited? Have you been too busy with your work that it already zapped any excitement in your life? Do you want to know how you can get it back?

The answer lies in knowing, or in this case, remembering what excites you. What are the things that motivate you, or inspire you? If you are into sales, maybe the reason of your low productivity is you not having enough excitement that your clients can feel. Your excitement should be through the roof, especially on your goals.



Kids have an instinct on how to get something – they don’t give up. You can never discourage a child hell-bent on getting a toy in the mall, even if you say there’s a monster or a ghost in there. They will never take no for an answer. You should be too with your goals. If you fail, try again.

The problem with people quitting on their goals is that they raised the white flag an inch before the moment that they should have succeeded. Be relentless in eyeing and working on your goals, despite all the discouragements.



Kids trust people earnestly. They actually have no filter from being a baby to around seven years old. That’s why parents often say that can be stolen and brought anywhere because of this.

As an adult, being like a kid who trusts anyone easily is good too. You will have lesser stress in your life. You will not be paranoid about people double-crossing you. You will not be a lonely island that shuns people, even with good intentions, away.

Having fun (in what we do)Having fun (in what we do)

Kids, in whatever they do, are always happy and enjoying. Even in situations that they are being reprimanded, they find a way to make it to a fun spectacle.

If you want to venture into business, but you are currently occupied with your day job, start by being happy with what you are currently doing first. It is like training your mind and body to enjoy even the unpleasant and monotonous things. Until such time that you are genuinely happy, and can consider your work as not work as all because you’re having fun.

These things impacted me a lot, and to my amazement putting the first letters of the list above, will result to a word – DEPTH. When you think of kids, you might think about their innocence and shallowness, not anything connected with depth and profundity. But, having observed these things first hand, I have come to realize that if we are able to apply them, it can really alter our lives, no matter how trivial-sounding these might have been.

If you could travel back in time, what would you say to your eight-year-old-self? If you’re eight-year-old self traveled through time and asked you today about your dreams, what would you answer? Try to observe kids and see for yourself. In life, in dreaming, and in accomplishing goals, it is not always the experienced, or learned, that can shed light to a better world. Like this one, who would have thought that these simple things that kids do, can provide a wide scope of learning that when applied can drastically change our lives for the better?

All we need to do is just channel that kid in us. How can that be so hard, right?

11 Things I Learned from Goku

If you are a certified Batang 90’s as I am, chances are, you are part of the generation that got glued to their television sets and dreamt about being the uber-strong and cool Son Goku of Dragon Balls. It was a very successful anime based on the story created by Akira Toriyama about an alien named Goku and his adventures on Earth as he looks for the legendary dragon balls and defeats his enemies one after another. It was so popular that knowing how to do a Kamehameha-pose, is not unusual. Knowing it, seeing the show, and looking forward to its next episodes were some of the happy moments of my childhood.

But you know what? Aside from the enjoyment and excitement that the anime brought, one more thing that brings a smile to my face is the things that I have learned from Goku. Yes, you heard it right. Read on.   

1. He values training.

Goku is relentless on training. He doesn’t stop until he has mastered something. He puts his heart and mind to develop himself more. He knows the most basic yet most essential lesson of all – that training makes you better. So, if you want something, and you feel like you lack the capacity to achieve it, what better way to start than train, train, train, right?

He values training

2. He has a never quit mindset.

When Goku faces foes that are stronger than him, he does not cower or back down. When Goku faces obstacles that are too difficult to overcome, he does not stop and just move forward. When you have the will to continue, the success rate increases a notch, until you finally get what you are aiming for. Goku said, just don’t give up.

He has a never quit mindset

3. He knows how to receive powers from friends.

Goku, as much as he wanted to, cannot do everything. That is why he trusts his friends around him and does not hesitate to receive help from them. He is humble enough to recognize that no matter how strong he is, the help from his friends can actually make him stronger. That is why, the next time you seem lost in what you are doing, don’t deny the help that others are offering or giving. You’ll be amazed of the outcome.

He knows how to receive powers from friends.

4. He becomes stronger when he is hurt.

Goku knows how to properly channel his emotions to further his goals. Whenever it seems like it’s the end of the line for him in a battle, he makes a breakthrough and wins. Negative emotions that hurt us, pains that we harbor and experience in our lives, can offer a driving force for us to succeed. 

He becomes stronger when he is hurt

5. He values family.

Goku puts special emphasis on his family. Whenever his family’s safety is on the line, he never hesitates to face the situation head on. He is even willing to sacrifice himself in the process. Factoring in our culture of closely-knit family ties, always remember that your family will not forsake you, no matter what.

He values family

6. He knows the value of mentorship.

Goku is not arrogant. Whenever he encounters a dead-end with regards his goal to get stronger in order to protect everyone, he looks for a mentor that can teach him a new technique or a way to increase his strength. He applies the knowledge and listens to his master’s tips and advice. In real life, find a mentor that can help you activate the God-given potentials that you have in any facet of your life.

He knows the value of mentorship

7. He sacrifices himself for others. He is a Servant leader.

Goku is always in the lead. He knows who to fight and when to fight. He is always after the strongest of enemies and even sacrifices himself, even his life, to save the human race.  He puts the responsibility upon his shoulders because that’s how he is. And because of that, a lot of people look up to him and respect him. Servant leaders are always recognized beyond words. Strive to be one in your lifetime.

He sacrifices himself for others. He is a servant leader.

8. He finds humor in every bad situation.

Goku never lets the tough times define him. He jokes around and make light of even the hardest situations he is in. This eventually leads him to find a solution to wriggle and come out of that situation. Whenever you are in a pinch, remember that laughing although will not solve the problem, will clear your mind from the stress, and consequently help you to mount your breakthrough. Don’t be overly serious.

He finds humor in every bad situation

9. He takes vitamins – sensu (magic) beans.

Even how strong Goku is, he takes vitamins in the form of sensu or magic beans to heal his injuries. No matter how strong and healthy you feel you are, prevention is still a thousand times better than any cure.

He takes vitamins - sensu (magic) beans.

10. He has a growth mindset.

Goku doesn’t stop in any breakthrough. He always tests the limits that he has, because he always strives for growth. He believes that the amount of growth that he attains will translate to the amount of people, or planets that he can save from his enemies. Success doesn’t stop after you succeed. It continues on and on, until you progress to the best version of yourself. Grow yourself everyday.

He has a growth mindset.

11. He loves to travel.

Goku loves to go places. And in going places, he discovers the diverse cultures and customs. He meets a lot of people along the way that he learns a thing or two from. Aim to explore the world beyond the areas you have been. You’ll be amazed to learn about a lot of things and may even know yourself more in the process. Do it until you still have time and you are still younger.

He loves to travel

There you have it. These 11 nuggets of powerful teachings have helped me to view life in a different light. Hope it does for you, too. Truly, sometimes, you can learn even from the most unexpected teachers. Thank you, Goku!

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11 Proven Hacks To Keep Yourself Motivated

A lot of us want to achieve something. And no matter how big that something is, one of the most common enemy we encounter is demotivation. ‘Yung tipong gustung-gusto mo, excited na excited ka, then one morning, you feel like giving up and totally discarding your plan. ‘Yung feeling na parang ‘di mo na kaya dahil ‘di na umaayon sa mga gusto mo ang mga nangyayari.

Challenges, problems, rejections, negative emotions – paano nga ba labanan ang demotivation kung ‘yang mga ‘yan ang katapat mo? Paano ka didiretso? Paano mo i-e-encourage ang sarili mo to persevere and still do what needs to be done? Is it possible to do it alone? O kailangan mo nang mag-phone-a-friend, coach or mentor?

Being an entrepreneur for a significant amount of time now, and handling a large number of people in my organization, may mga times talaga na ‘di maiiwasang maramdaman mo yung traces of demotivation, especially when you need to decide on something na malaki ang impact to everyone involved. But what I do is I stick with my time-proven hacks on how to keep myself motivated. Want to know which hacks are effective to me? Read on!

1. Have mile markers.

Have mile markers

Nakasali ka na ba sa fun run? Ever wonder why there are stops or places along the way where the runners can drink or catch their breath? Those stops are important para ma-replenish nila yung energy to continue and finish the run. This is true with life as well. When you feel that your goals are so big to achieve, break them down into smaller goals. Ang mahirap kasi kapag malaki yung gusto mong mangyari, napapagod ka kaagad kapag wala kang nakitang progress. Take note of and celebrate the accomplishment of these short-term goals. ‘Di ka na naburn-out, napigilan mo pa ang sarili mong mag-give-up sa gusto mong ma-achieve.

Remember: A moving person will surely reach his destination as long as he sees his progress along the way and doesn’t stop moving.

2. Remind yourself of your deep why.

Remind yourself of your deep why

Why do you wake up in the morning? Bakit mo ba ginagawa ang isang bagay? Bakit ka nagsa-sacrifice? These questions will definitely get different responses from different people. But the bottomline is, kailangang alam mo kung ano ang nagpapagalaw sa ‘yo papunta sa gusto mong mapuntahan. It can be your family, your ambition, your vision, or your passion. Ang importante, it should be meaningful to you and it should be crystal clear. So, paano ka mamo-motivate nito? Kapag dumadating ang times that you feel like giving up, always remember why you started in the first place. Let your reasons — your deep why — guide you beyond the challenges. What I do is I create printed copies of my goals, frame them, then post them everywhere in the house, para lagi kong nakikita. Para lagi akong reminded what I am working hard for. Para kapag tinatamad ako, I know my reasons bakit kailangan ko na magsipag at gumalaw.

Remember: When you know your why, you can do any how.

3. Have an accountable support system.

Have an accountable support system

“No man is an island” is a cliché that echoes through time. This really holds true because when you feel disheartened, kailangan mo talaga ang tulong ng iba. Kaya when you have a goal, be sure to have a team of people who know about it at willing din tumulong para ma-achieve mo ‘yun. Kailangang accountable kayo sa isa’t isa, na tipong magkakasangga kayo kahit mahirap. You take responsibility with each other and they have your back lalo na sa mga times na you feel like quitting on the goal.

Remember: When you share your goal to an accountable support group, the chances of the achieving the goal will significantly increase.

4. Watch a positive inspirational movie.

Watch a positive inspirational movie

What movie have you watched lately? Naka-relate ka ba? Natuwa ka ba sa movie or hindi? The good thing nowadays is that there are a lot of quality films in the market that can be effective mood boosters and motivators. Unang-una, kapag naka-relate ka sa movie, you can be excited and pumped up to achieve your goals. Secondly, it can inject positive energy especially if the movie is fun and heart-warming. Finally, may mga moments sa movie that can be your eureka moment, ‘yung may mapupulot kang lessons that will inspire you to do the things you need to do.

Remember: There are ways to enjoy, have fun and still learn. One of them is watching an inspirational movie.

5. Keep your core values in check.

Keep your core values in check

Who are you? What would you and wouldn’t you settle for? Ano ang importante sayo?Magkakaiba ‘yung mga bagay that make us tick. Mas lalong magkakaiba ‘yung mga values that we hold dear. Kaya when you feel like your morale is low, and feeling mo nasa hopeless situation ka, just focus on your core values. Focus on who you are as a person and as a fighter. Stick to what you do best, that thing that you know is your strength. And from there, makikita mo yung renewal ng energy. Parang sa basketball, in-the-zone ka, at magagawa mo ang mga dapat mong gawin.

Remember: Make your core values a guide towards the completion of your aspiration.

6. Have a bonfire mindset.

Have a bonfire mindset

Kapag malapit ka sa bonfire, mas ramdam mo ‘yung binibigay na init. Everytime you distance yourself from it, ramdam mo naman ‘yung unti-unting pagkawala ng init. Hanggang sa sobrang layo mo na sa fire, na totally wala na ‘yung init, as if ‘di nag-e-exist ‘yung bonfire. When your energy is low, and you are demotivated, it does not help na magkukulong ka, and be emo about it. Lumapit ka sa bonfire, d’un sa source ng energy. Hanapin mo ‘yung bonfire na makakatulong para ma-realize mo ‘yung goals mo. That bonfire can be a group of people, an organization, or a place.

Remember: The closer you are to the source, the farther you are from doubting yourself and quitting.

7. Pray daily.

Pray daily

There is a higher power that is beyond us. In time of need and hopelessness, it is very important na meron kang pinaniniwalaan. Prayer really works and does help. Just be sure to put in the work and efforts as well.

Remember: First, pray. Then, believe. Finally, work for it. And it will be done.

8. Listen to your favorite positive song.

Listen to your favorite positive song

Lyrics are stories with melodies, either of triumph or of pain. Humanap ka ng triumphant songs. It is very renewing kapag nakakarinig ka ng songs that can uplift your spirit. Hanapin mo ‘yung song na magiging soundtrack ng mga pagtalo mo sa mga challenges, ‘yung song that will make you move forward. Gawin mong battlecry towards your goals.

Remember: Sing your worries away.

9. Be grateful of what you have but be excited of what you can get.

Be grateful of what you have but be excited of what you can get.

It’s one thing to be content, and another to aspire for growth. Always go for growth, not just on wealth but on all aspects ng buhay mo. Plus, always be grateful. Kapag may problema, kapag nada-down ka, mas isipin mo yung mga blessings na nasa buhay mo. Chances are, yung pinagdadaanan mo ay sobrang liit lang compared sa mga challenges ng iba. Maging thankful. Move forward, learn from your mistakes, and try again.

Remember: Blessings are challenges wrapped in problems. Look forward and unravel them one by one.

10. Have the discipline to push yourself.

Have the discipline to push yourself

Be disciplined enough para gawin ang mga dapat gawin, kahit na naka-give-up mode na ‘yung pakiramdam mo. It all boils down to discipline. Napakadaling tumigil na lang at mag-go with flow, hayaan na lang ang mundong gumalaw, hintayin na lang na kusang mangyari ‘yung gusto nating mangyari. Pero hindi ganun ang mundo. You need to work for what you deserve. Push yourself to do what needs to be done. Snap out of emo moments. ‘Yung tipong parating pa lang, alam mo na kung paano lalabanan. Believe me, it will do wonders in your life.

Remember: You always have two wolves to feed: the good one and the bad one. The one who will win is the wolf that you always feed.

11. Stay away from sad stimuli.

Stay away from sad stimuli

Sad + sad = Sadder :). Kung gusto mong makaalis sa kawalan mo ng gana, avoid people and circumstances that make matters worse. Stay away from sad stories, sad movies, sad songs, sad people, and whiners. A sad song will likely sadden you more kapag may pinagdadaanan ka. Likewise, a person who is having the same unresolved problem same as yours, malamang ay ‘di rin makakatulong sa ‘yo. Whenever you are feeling down, humanap ka ng taong up. Sila ang mas makakatulong sayo for sure.

Remember: Birds of the same feather flock together. Choose who you flock with well.

Based on my personal experiences, these hacks really worked for me, but they may or may not work for you. Pero sabi nga, ano ba ang mawawala sa ‘yo kapag sinubukan mo? What if mag-work? In this day and age that everything is instant, we have everything at our disposal to check out and utilize. This is on us. Kailangan natin na maging proactive – meaning maging aggressive and forward-thinking. At the end of the day, ang nagse-separate lang sa ‘yo at sa mga taong successful ay ‘yung mga ginagawa nila na hindi mo ginagawa.

Let us empower ourselves through growth. Start applying the tips I have shared and see how being motivated each day can bring you closer to the good life you have been dreaming of! If I did it, so can you!

Decision Making: A Daily Chore

We make decisions everyday. Whether biglaan, matagalan, wala lang or pinag-isipan, we choose among the viable choices presented to us. It can range from a simple question of “Saan tayo kakain?”, or “Mag-uber ba tayo or taxi?” to a life-changing thought of “Mag-resign na ba ako para mag-focus sa business?”, “Change career na lang kaya ako?”, or “Sa’n ba ako mag-iinvest? Stock market ba or business?”. Pero paano nga ba magdesisyon nang tama? How can we ensure that the decisions we make, the choices we pick, would impact our lives positively?

Decisions we make, whether we like it or not, will affect our lives for the better or for the worse. S’yempre, gusto natin for the best. That is why, it is imperative that we learn more about decision making. Himayin natin. Anu-ano ba ang mga variables na kailangang i-take into consideration before making a decision? What are the factors? Ano ba ang mga dapat isipin? Bakit ito at hindi yung isang option?

The Anatomy of Decision Making

The Anatomy of Decision Making

Anatomy generally means a study of the structure or internal workings of something. Kung sa biology, ang anatomy ay about sa mga organs sa loob ng katawan and how they function in synergy with other parts of the body, ang anatomy sa decision making is more of a detailed analysis ng process paano tayo gumagawa ng decisions. How do successful people make decisions? How do they analyze things? What are the things that they consider bago sila magdecide?

According to Gayle Abbott, the president of Strategic Alignment Partners (a human resources consulting firm), there is a four-point strategy to deploy whenever you must act. They are:

(1) Identify the problem.

(2) Analyze the possible solutions.

(3) Evaluate the possibilites that are likely to bring you closer to your goal.

(4) Make the decision.

The process is simple pero mahirap at times. I have been in business for years now, and my decisions have weight lalong lalo na pagdating sa pupuntahan ng organization that I handle. It is not about me anymore; the whole group’s life is on the line kapag nag-decide ako about something. Not an easy feat, indeed. Now, do you want to know how I think and make decisions? Do you want to know how a top income earner in the Philippines do it? 

Read on.

My Thinking and Decision-Making SOP

Throughout the years, I can say that I am where I am right now because of both the good and bad decisions I made in the past. Yung list below is my go-to checklist every time I need to make a decision. Ito yung 11 things na accumulation of my experiences and failures along the way.

On weighing the pros and cons of something, how do I decide if I am going to do this or not?

1) Will it benefit others?

Will it benefit others?

I am on a business of giving value. Hindi na ito about sa akin lang. When you are chasing for success, it is more about you. But if you are aiming for significance, it is more about the lives you have helped and touched. On a whole different level ang feeling if people become successful because of you. Kung magbe-benefit ang iba, I will decide in favor of it.

2) Do not analyze too much kundi mapa-paralyze ka.

Do not analyze too much kundi mapa-paralyze ka.

Ang decision ay napapanis din. Oo, kung mabilis ka lang nag-decide about something, di ‘yun talaga thinking and decision-making. Pero kung sobra mo namang pinag-isipan to the point of non-progress, overthinking na yun at wala ka nang nagawa. Iwasan ang maparalyze sa kakaisip, think about the pros and cons accordingly. Huwag maging Juan Tamad na naghihintay bumagsak yung bayabas sa bibig nya. Take charge, and grab it.

3) Do forecasting. Look 3-10 steps ahead.

Do forecasting. Look 3-10 steps ahead.

Always do estimates. Look ahead, mas mabuti nga kung the whole year at hindi bukas o sa susunod na buwan lang. Hindi lahat ng bagay nadadaan sa YOLO. Yes, you only live once. But your loved ones also do, di ba? Take ownership because this is all on you. Bahala na si Batman? Di ka ise-save ni Batman kapag nagkamali ka sa pinili mo.

4) Set aside emotions.

Set aside emotions.

Avoid making decisions when you are too happy or too sad. Most of the time, mali yung decisions on those states of being too emotional. ‘Pag hindi level ang mind sa time ng pag-decide, mas malaki ang chance na mapalayo ka sa path towards your goals.

5) Don’t be afraid that your decision will fail. Trust yourself, then you will see life differently. Be bold and courageous.

Don’t be afraid that your decision will fail. Trust yourself, then you will see life differently. Be bold and courageous.

Nakakatakot mag-decide, that’s why karamihan dine-delay nila ang pagpili. Pero it only makes matters worse, kasi you are not making progress. Always trust yourself. Yes, possible na your decision will fail. But not making a decision will not make it a success as well. You are created by God for something bigger. Decide and be bold enough to conquer your fear and deal with the consequences. When there is hardship, there is progress. And when there is progress, there will be success.

6) Look for other options. You need to have ten to have the right one.

Look for other options. You need to have ten to have the right one.

Your perspective is not the only perspective. Hanap ka ng ibang angle, ng ibang options sa bagay na need mo pag-decide-an. Huwag ka magtanong para marinig lang ang gusto mo marinig. Ask, listen and have an open mind. When you see all the possibilities and all the angles, mas malaki ang chance that your decision will be a success.

7) Ask for advice from those who made it.

Ask for advice from those who made it.

Oo, huwag kang mag-decide nang agad-agad, pero wag ka rin atat. Have a mentor, teacher, adviser or coach that you can talk to, syempre yung relevant naman sa gusto mo mangyari. Ask them how did they make it. Sabi nga, matalino yung tao na natuto sa mistakes nya. Pero mas matalino yung natuto sa mistakes ng iba. Alamin ang point of view nila.

8) Ask yourself: Is my decision in line with my core values?

Ask yourself: Is my decision in line with my core values?

Lahat tayo, merong non-negotiables. They serve as a guide before making a decision. Start by listing them up and align them with the options you have. At least alam mo, kapag nag-decide ka na, you didn’t settle for less.

9) Check the facts and figures.

Check the facts and figures.

Numbers don’t lie, that’s a fact. Kaya do due diligence and research. It can greatly improve your decision making if you know the facts and figures. Alamin mo yung iba’t ibang scenarios and start from there.

10) Look for things that cannot be quantified or seen on the charts.

Look for things that cannot be quantified or seen on the charts.

If you are into basketball, alam mo na ang points made, field goal percentage, rebounds, assists, blocks, turnovers, fouls, at iba pang stats ng isang player ay quantifiable. Pero yung hustle, defense, transition, energy at iba pa ay wala sa charts. Pero equally, yung mga bagay na yun can affect the game. Sa buhay, marami ding ganyan, mga factors na di mo makikita sa trends or sa mga numbers. Take them into account as well, para ma-cover mo lahat ng factors.

11) Pray.


I am not promoting any religion, but if you believe in something greater and higher than yourself, ask guidance. You are not alone and of course, there is a higher power than all of us. Meditate and develop yourself. Mararamdaman mo na lang, na ready ka na and you have decided already sa bagay na bumabagabag sa ‘yo.

In A Nutshell

Decision making is not a straightforward process, pero kailangan ng grit, persistence, courage at conviction sa atin. Let us start with ourselves, and learn about how to decide properly, responsibly and truthfully. Palawakin natin ang ating mindset at tulungan ang ating bansa to grow by growing ourselves first. There is too much for everyone. Need lang nating malaman kung ano talaga ang gusto natin, decide on it, and apply the 11 guiding principles I shared.

At the end of the day, the decision you will make is always a choice between making progress and clinging to comfort. It’s good to be safe, but the dreamer in you deserves the best that this life can offer.

Kaya huwag mo nang i-delay ang pagpili na yan. Chart your course, one responsible decision at a time.

Now if you want to become successful? Learn their habits. Click Link: 11 Habits of Successful People.

11 Habits of Successful People

I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t want to be successful. However, more often than not, mas marami ang gusto lang, at walang conviction to push through and do the things that need to be done para magtagumpay. Being in my craft for 8 years now, marami na akong nakilala na mga successful na tao, mapa-corporate man, sa business, sa multimedia o kaya sa craft nila. I am always curious and asking, ano ba ang mga common na ginagawa nila? Paano sila naging ganito ka-successful? Ano’ng mga sikreto nila? And I found them.

Let me share with you these 11 habits that I have learned from them, na malaking bagay sa success na I am experiencing right now. Ready ka na? Game!

1. Successful people have a plan.  They create programs and steps.

Successful people have a plan.


Sabi nga nila, ang success ay di bara-bara. You can’t expect to have something out of nothing. Nagsisimula ang lahat sa plano. Whatever you want to achieve, list them down. Alamin mo ‘yung mga things to do mo to achieve them. And lastly, set a timeframe or deadline. A lot of people go through life with difficulties, because a lot of them do not know what they want. Kaya gawan mo ng plano. It’s worth the shot. Mapapansin mo na lang, ang lapit mo na sa gusto mong ma-achieve.

1. Successful people cannot sleep because they want to work. They don’t waste time.

Successful people cannot sleep because they want to work. They don't waste time.Time is a valuable commodity. Dati, time is gold daw. Ngayon, time is diamond na. ‘Yung success mo, malaking chunk n’un nakadepende sa mga bagay na ginagawa mo towards your goal. This habit will either drive you to wake up early or to sleep late, kung saan mas gumagana yung mind mo. You have to realize that there are things that you do that do not add up towards your goal. Same lang ito sa mga ‘di mo ginagawa, na dapat palang gawin. Ultimately, be aware how you consume your time.

1. Successful people don’t care about the negatives. They only focus on the goal.

Successful people don't care about the negatives. They only focus on the goal.

Let’s face it, we cannot please everyone. And it’s a trap to even think about it. Kung gusto mongmaging successful, simply focus on your goal. Parang surgeon habang nasa operating room, laser focused sa procedure para walang mishap na mangyari. Parang yung kabayo sa race, sa harap lang ang tingin, sa finish line. Anyone will always have a negative thing to say about you and what you do. Pero, handle it with courage, alalahanin mo ‘yung goal mo, and simply think of the satisfying feeling pag na-hit mo na ‘yung gusto mong mangyari.

1. Successful people leverage their strengths and improve their weaknesses. They grow. They master their craft.

Successful people leverage their strengths and improve their weaknesses. They grow. They master their craft.

Mas uso sa atin na maghanap ng mali, kaysa maghanap ng tama. This must change. Successful people focus on what they are good at, their strengths. Tapos, they give time to improve on their weaknesses. Ang goal ay maging best version ka ng sarili mo. And this can only be attained by continuous improvement. Mag-train ka, learn something new, share your strengths, and take note of what you are not good at. Huwag mong hayaan na maging regretful ang buhay mo dahil sa mga bagay na tingin mo ay ‘di na magbabago. Change is inevitable. And for success to come to you, change (for the better) is a requirement.

1. Successful people like to meet with successful people. They are students of life. They look for mentors.

Successful people like to meet with successful people. They are students of life. They look for mentors.

No man is an island. ‘Yung mga successful people, may mga magnet at compass sila to lead them to other successful people. Look for them. Kung meron kang gustong ma-achieve, find that mentor whohas already done it. Pero i-check mo rin. Mirror your core values to them. Check their results as well if those are the results that you want. Always be ready for lessons. Minsan, may life lessons sila na masasabi that will impact your life a lot. Huwag mo rin tigasan ang ulo mo. Be a sponge and make the most of the advice given to you. Sabi nga, marami kang matutunan sa mga mistakes mo. Pero mas marami  kapag yung lessons nakuha mo sa mistakes ng iba. Nakaiwas ka pa.

1. Successful people know that they need to have a good team or a circle of friends they can call family. They lead a team.

Successful people know that they need to have a good team or a circle of friends they can call family. They lead a team.

Successful people are all leaders. Kung sa politics man, corporate organization, or team, sila yung mga makikita mo na nagli-lead. That is why, it is imperative to learn about leadership if you want to be successful. Start to be an influencer. Simulan mo sa friends mo that you share a goal with. Or sa family members mo. Or sa mga kasama mo sa work or organization. Be the heart and brain of the team. Leverage and delegate. Ito yung mga skills na kakailanganin mo para magtagumpay sa kahit anong larangang gusto mo.

1. Successful people know how to listen and to humble down.

Successful people know how to listen and to humble down

Ang successful na tao, hindi arogante. Kaya kahit wala ka pa dun sa estado na yon, always put your feet on the ground. Makinig ka. Ang mga tao na marunong makinig ay mga success-in-the-making. Bakit? Because they know how to connect and they learn more while listening than talking. Always go back to your core values. Sabi nga ni Francis Kong, money is the acid test of character. Money does not make you in any way superior to other people. Kaya humble lang tayo dapat. Mas nakaka-attract pa yun ng marami pang blessings for you.

1. Successful people know how to close –  close a deal; close a door; close a problem; closure.

Successful people know how to close.

Believe it or not, in whatever you do, you are selling, and closing a deal. Bakit? Ano kamo ang binebenta mo? Idea. Kung nagyaya ka man ng movie na panonoorin, or ng restaurant na kakainan, or kung nagpayo ka man about sa isang decision na gagawin, nagbebenta ka na. Successful peopleare effective closers. And it is very important to learn this skill and eventually, make it a habit.

1. Successful people have discipline to continue even if the majority had already quit.

Successful people have discipline to continue even if the majority had already quit

Be that person who finishes the race or marathon. Ang road to success, hindi smooth. Hindi rin yun pantay. At mas lalong hindi straight. Maraming mga bagay ang pwedeng mangyari along the way. Nandyan yung mga challenges that can really test your spirit, your mettle, and your conviction. Lalo na ‘pag narealize mo slowly, konti na lang kayo chasing that goal you all wanted. Until dumating sa time na ikaw na lang. But, be better than that, and have the discipline to persevere and push through even if the majority have given up. Remember, the road to success you picked is for the success you are chasing. Sa ‘yo yun. Kung nag-give-up na sila sa success na gusto nila, sila yun. Iba ka. Push lang.

1. Successful people strive to be the best in the role they need to play.

Successful people strive to be the best in the role they need to play.

You are not always the star of the show. One thing na nakita ko, yung mga successful na tao, alam nila yung mga kailangan nilang gawin. Lalo na yung mga roles they need to fill. Be it to lead, to organize, to support, to delegate, to teach, or to stand by, yung mga matatagumpay na tao, they dotheir best in the roles they are assigned to. Walang kiyeme. Walang hesitation. Trabaho lang.

1. Successful people have the passion that most people don’t understand. They live or die for what they have to do.

Successful people have the pasion that most people don't understand. They live or die for what they have to do.

Passion separates the successful and the not successful. It is one thing to continue doing something, and another to persevere on doing something even against all odds. Yung mga nagtagumpay, they outlast a multitude of trials along the way. Kaya normal lang na di ka maintindihan ng mga tao sa paligid mo sa simula. You know better that anyone else kung ano ang tinatrabaho mo, para saan, para kanino, at kung ano ang pupuntahan. But do it anyway. Mahirap magsisi sa huli, na karamihan ng tao ganun ang nangyayari. Use that fervor, your passion, to get you to where you wanted.

Mahirap maging successful, lalo na kung di mo alam ang mga dapat gawin sa simula pa lang. But I am positive that everyone of us has a chance and can be a success with the proper guidance, purpose and vision. You might be wondering, bakit kaya lahat number 1 yung mga habits ng successful people? Simple lang. There is no such thing as a one-way ticket to success. Yung mga habits na ito, they go hand and hand, and complement each other. If you want to be successful, you have to do them and apply them nang sabay-sabay. Lahat sila ay essential toward success.

Try mo. Apply mo. I am positive that if you adopt these habits in your life, they will definitely change you for the better, and help you towards the realization of the dreams you envisioned.

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A Joy-ful “Movie-tational” Encounter

Billy and Pin Europe trip

While waiting aboard our flight to the US from a dreamy week-long Euro-trip capped by the ever beautiful Venice scenery, I suddenly found myself flicking through the movie list to try to kill some time. A title got me curious, Joy. I watched it until the end, happily absorbing the learnings and realizations I got from the movie. It was a story about a girl who loves to create things since she was little. Life was not sweet-sailing for her though. Her parents got divorced. She married a little early and had a child. She was given the daunting responsibility of supporting the family. The challenges dampen the dreams in her heart. Until an opportunity came and she courageously grabbed it, giving way to a full life she dreamed of for herself and her family.

“When you’re hiding, you’re safe, because people can’t see you. But funny thing about hiding, you are even hidden from yourself.”

This was my favorite quote from the movie, an idea that echoes the cliche, get out of your comfort zone.

I have realized that we need to stop hiding from the things that we want to do in our lives. We need to stop being safe, being afraid of what others might say or think about us, or waiting for the right time.

We should be real, especially to ourselves. Be the man (or woman) that we want to be. Unleash our potential, that bottled and sleeping talent or passion we are keeping for ourselves. Let the world see us for who we really are and start to let people in our world.

When youre hiding, you're safe, because people can't see you. But funn thing about hiding, you are even hidden from yourself.

Do you want to live a life of regrets?

I believe that behind closed doors, you are friendly, joyful, fun-loving, intelligent, hardworking, smart, caring and loving. Let these traits seep out of your isolation and be shared to the people around you.

Do not be too sensitive or reactive with people who doesn’t understand you. You are not who you are because you have hidden yourself not just from others but also yourself. Definitely, there’s more to you than meets the eye.

Do not be afraid to make decisions, moreso to commit mistakes. Do not be hesitant to let others guide you and love you. Do not be afraid to trust again.

Because what you need is to step up on the plate and to become the leader that you were made of. To become the husband that you dreamed to be. To become the father that you know you ought to be.

Do not be afraid to make decisions, moreso to commit mistakes. Do not be hesitant to let others guide  you and love you. Do not be afraid to trust again.

That is why, don’t wait for another year. Take control of your mind. And veer away from just watching your life drift afar your targets by making laziness as your excuse. Instead, focus on really facing what you fear the most: uncertainties. Life is about the things you plan that might or might not succeed. With this, just do what you have to do. You know it. You feel it. There are things you can control and things you cannot. Just charge them all to experience and learn, learn, learn.

In the movie, Joy wanted to sell her idea, of a product that she thought would benefit a lot of people, through all means possible. It doesn’t matter what methods she has used, as long as the message was sent across. She was deliberate, consistent and adamant. Even if it seems that she’s going to fail, she persevered and took the challenge head on. Until she made it.

Your Action is the Sail that Directs your Life

So, take charge of your life. Start making real impact in the world. Start with your family and the people nearest to you. Then with your core group, the team composed of you and people who share the same goals that you have. Follow through with your acquaintances that will become your friends, eventually. Consider mending broken relationships for it will relieve you of all the baggages that you are carrying unconsciously the whole time. Change your perspective to change your life.

Your action is the sail that directs your life.

For the way you see things greatly affects your actions. And you need to be productive to reach your maximum level of coherence. Remember, you are the maestro that commands the orchestra of your life. Different instruments create various tones, music and timber. But blending them together in one full swing makes a masterpiece. Be that masterpiece.

Start becoming independent. For a baby cannot learn how to walk if he doesn’t want to stand on his own. The moment that you are too reliant of others is the moment you stop growing from the inside. It’s high time to grab the wheel, change the gear, and step on the gas. Take charge and show yourself to the world beyond the comforts of your borders.

Believe me after this, you are going to have the time of your life.

Spare Time vs Making Time

If energy can neither be created nor destroyed, and can only be transformed to other forms, I can say that it rings true with time as well.

When you say you don’t have time for this or time for that, I can squarely say to your face that you are wrong. It’s not that you don’t have time, you just chose to spend it on other things that you like, that ranks higher on your priority list. That makes time an enigmatic currency, an equalizing factor in every endeavor and dealings we have in our lives. It does not discriminate. It does not indulge. It only flows.

So what of it? How is it important to you or to me or to anyone?

The fact is we all have 24 hours a day. We eat, sleep, travel, dream, fight, work, laugh, and do all the other things seven days a week, 52 weeks a year. We experience the bittersweet feeling of defeat and the jubilant roar of victory in a decade or two. We live and love and die, and well, time goes on. Whether regret or fulfillment complete the equation, time does not care.

But, we do.

You see, it can be easy to just go with the tide and just lay yourself with it wherever it goes, but if it does not complete you, what’s the point? Are we too busy to pass up on things that really matter? Or are the things that matter not worth a fraction of time we spend on working overly hard? On traveling anytime and anywhere? On business deals and events? On worship? On living automatically?

We live in a fast-paced world, where people are always on the go. This is a period where the “instants” are not uncommon, where really patience is a virtue. And where, a lot of people are stuck between doing the things they need to do, and the things they want to do. We always fell prey to allotting time on things that are not urgent and not important.

When will you try to learn a new skill? When I have time. When will you teach your kid how to ride a bicycle? When I have time. When will you start your diet program? When I have time. When will you achieve your heart’s desire? When you have time? When will you have time?

To reiterate, we always have time. We can always squeeze in our schedule the things that we are passionate about like watching your favorite athlete’s game in the wee bit of dawn, sacrificing a little sleep and the risk of getting late at work.I am sure you can think of other similar things that we do, albeit risky.

Life is always a bargain with time. It is a conscious decision we need to make that oftentimes we do unconsciously. Rather than giving the time that an endeavor needs, we give the freest time we could muster, the moments which are unpredictable. We set ourselves up to fail, to miss on some things we are destined to do. We stopped making time for the things to be done.

How can we change this?

For any change to occur, we need a combination of burning desire, laser focus, and a lucid vision. We need to be aware of ourselves and start to respect time even more. We should realize that we can’t argue with time and the consequences our decision-making entails will reverberate in the future to come. It’s up to us if it will be desirable or not. We should start making time to attend to a meeting for a new venture, a seminar to upgrade our skills, a session with our kids, an appointment for a career advancement, a business we want to have, a dream we are fervently chasing, a full life.

Don’t rely on your unreliable spare time to change your life. Start making time for the things that truly matters to you, now.

Rising Above Failures

 “We, as human beings, we never give up. “ But, what happens when we fail? A failed exam, a fiasco of a presentation, a plan gone wrong, or a life-changing risk that did not work out? What if you feel like just shutting yourself in, throwing away all the care in the world, and just letting life pass you by while cuddling all that pent up negative emotions? How can you not give up, still persevere and rise above it all?

Phase 1 – Me and my failure.

I remember when I failed one of my exams in college. I know that I did not prepare much but I put the blame on the difficulty of the exam and how the professors seem to want us all to fail the subject. Looking back, surely it was my fault. This is a personal matter. And you should realize that your failure is your failure. This is on you. The moment you start pointing your finger at yourself and owning it up, magic happens, and an invisible thread suddenly connects your heart and mind to find a solution. Your failure is your responsibility. And the quickest you can get to this point, the better you can veer to the direction you are heading or want to go.

Phase 1 – Me and my failure

Phase 2 – Failure is my teacher.

Imagine always getting late due to traffic? If it’s once or twice, it is understandable. But when it becomes a habit, as in every time you have an appointment, you’re late, by then you know that you are repeatedly disregarding the lesson. Failures point to us the things we did not do, or the things we should have done. There are a lot of lessons involved, and it is such a waste if you do not get it. That’s partly the reason why some problems are recurring, to teach you how to find a solution for that. We fail to have a taste of failure, and in the process, teach us how to handle it. Life is just like that. Learn from it, but avoid dwelling on it.

Phase 2 – Failure is my teacher

Phase 3 – Acknowledging my failure.

When you are down, you are down. Negative situations in our life never fail to bring out the worst in us, but also the best in us. Accept and savor the failure, then move forward. Fight your own nastiest enemy, yourself. Be open to motivation, and embrace the progression, as slow as it may seem. Find mentors to talk to. It can be your parents, your colleague, your friend, or an expert. But qualify them in such a way that the bottomline you are aiming for, what you are aspiring for, is related if not similar to them. You would not want to consult a dentist for your heart problem, as you would not ask advice from someone on how to best his problems, when he’s given up on his fight already. Don’t hesitate to ask. Because asking is not a sign of stupidity, but of a mind that is full of potential.

Phase 3 – Acknowledging my failure

Phase 4 – Acting on it.

Yes, I know, it still doesn’t feel good at this point. But a breakthrough does not happen when you just feel like it happening. It involves acting it out, even if the mind and body are not ready, even if you still feel the pain and even if the world says no. You will really appreciate a mentor in this phase because he can be someone you can talk to about your development. He can be your accountability partner to check on you on the things that needs to be done on a specified period – a deadline. He can be that person you can rely on other than yourself to put reins on your temptations to just quit it and let it be.

Phase 4 – Acting on it

Phase 5 – Follow through.

Climbing the mountain of emotions is an arduous task, so don’t do it alone. Don’t lock yourself up, and “emo” yourself to sleep. The environment has a vital role to play, and the company you need is even more important. You’re almost there, so don’t give up. Push yourself further as the going gets tough. And then, you will see the rainbow after that torrential pour, hanging above your head like a crown befitting of a king that conquered his lands and reigned supreme beyond the challenges and failures that struck him. Failures are inevitable but certainly not insurmountable. There’s what they call the snowball effect, where a small thing can have a big impact (either good or bad) in the long run. It can also be applied here. Have you realized who put the snowball in and pushed it in the cliff? Yes, it is you. Make the snowball effect affect you towards your end goal. You can try nine times, fail, try again, and win one. And absolutely, that one win is a win still. It doesn’t matter how big or little it is, but if it’s your finish line, the feeling would be priceless. Life they say is a series of ups and downs, but don’t fret. Just be sure when you close eyes, and watch your life as its flashes, you have no regrets.

Phase 5 – Follow through

“Because, a life of no regrets is worth rising above failures for.”