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Decision Making: A Daily Chore

We make decisions everyday. Whether biglaan, matagalan, wala lang or pinag-isipan, we choose among the viable choices presented to us. It can range from a simple question of “Saan tayo kakain?”, or “Mag-uber ba tayo or taxi?” to a life-changing thought of “Mag-resign na ba ako para mag-focus sa business?”, “Change career na lang kaya ako?”, or “Sa’n ba ako mag-iinvest? Stock market ba or business?”. Pero paano nga ba magdesisyon nang tama? How can we ensure that the decisions we make, the choices we pick, would impact our lives positively?

Decisions we make, whether we like it or not, will affect our lives for the better or for the worse. S’yempre, gusto natin for the best. That is why, it is imperative that we learn more about decision making. Himayin natin. Anu-ano ba ang mga variables na kailangang i-take into consideration before making a decision? What are the factors? Ano ba ang mga dapat isipin? Bakit ito at hindi yung isang option?

The Anatomy of Decision Making


Anatomy generally means a study of the structure or internal workings of something. Kung sa biology, ang anatomy ay about sa mga organs sa loob ng katawan and how they function in synergy with other parts of the body, ang anatomy sa decision making is more of a detailed analysis ng process paano tayo gumagawa ng decisions. How do successful people make decisions? How do they analyze things? What are the things that they consider bago sila magdecide?

According to Gayle Abbott, the president of Strategic Alignment Partners (a human resources consulting firm), there is a four-point strategy to deploy whenever you must act. They are:

(1) Identify the problem.

(2) Analyze the possible solutions.

(3) Evaluate the possibilites that are likely to bring you closer to your goal.

(4) Make the decision.

The process is simple pero mahirap at times. I have been in business for years now, and my decisions have weight lalong lalo na pagdating sa pupuntahan ng organization that I handle. It is not about me anymore; the whole group’s life is on the line kapag nag-decide ako about something. Not an easy feat, indeed. Now, do you want to know how I think and make decisions? Do you want to know how a top income earner in the Philippines do it? 

Read on.

My Thinking and Decision-Making SOP

Throughout the years, I can say that I am where I am right now because of both the good and bad decisions I made in the past. Yung list below is my go-to checklist every time I need to make a decision. Ito yung 11 things na accumulation of my experiences and failures along the way.

On weighing the pros and cons of something, how do I decide if I am going to do this or not?

1) Will it benefit others?

1. Will it benefit others?

I am on a business of giving value. Hindi na ito about sa akin lang. When you are chasing for success, it is more about you. But if you are aiming for significance, it is more about the lives you have helped and touched. On a whole different level ang feeling if people become successful because of you. Kung magbe-benefit ang iba, I will decide in favor of it.

2) Do not analyze too much kundi mapa-paralyze ka.

2. Do not analyze too much. Kundi mapa-paralyze ka.

Ang decision ay napapanis din. Oo, kung mabilis ka lang nag-decide about something, di ‘yun talaga thinking and decision-making. Pero kung sobra mo namang pinag-isipan to the point of non-progress, overthinking na yun at wala ka nang nagawa. Iwasan ang maparalyze sa kakaisip, think about the pros and cons accordingly. Huwag maging Juan Tamad na naghihintay bumagsak yung bayabas sa bibig nya. Take charge, and grab it.

3) Do forecasting. Look 3-10 steps ahead.

3. Do forecasting. Look 3-10 steps ahead.

Always do estimates. Look ahead, mas mabuti nga kung the whole year at hindi bukas o sa susunod na buwan lang. Hindi lahat ng bagay nadadaan sa YOLO. Yes, you only live once. But your loved ones also do, di ba? Take ownership because this is all on you. Bahala na si Batman? Di ka ise-save ni Batman kapag nagkamali ka sa pinili mo.

4) Set aside emotions.

4. Set aside emotions.

Avoid making decisions when you are too happy or too sad. Most of the time, mali yung decisions on those states of being too emotional. ‘Pag hindi level ang mind sa time ng pag-decide, mas malaki ang chance na mapalayo ka sa path towards your goals.

5) Don’t be afraid that your decision will fail. Trust yourself, then you will see life differently. Be bold and courageous.

5. Don’t be afraid that your decisions will fail. Trust yourself, then you will see life differently. Be Bold & Courageous.

Nakakatakot mag-decide, that’s why karamihan dine-delay nila ang pagpili. Pero it only makes matters worse, kasi you are not making progress. Always trust yourself. Yes, possible na your decision will fail. But not making a decision will not make it a success as well. You are created by God for something bigger. Decide and be bold enough to conquer your fear and deal with the consequences. When there is hardship, there is progress. And when there is progress, there will be success.

6) Look for other options. You need to have ten to have the right one.

6. Look for other options. You need to have 10 to have the right one.

Your perspective is not the only perspective. Hanap ka ng ibang angle, ng ibang options sa bagay na need mo pag-decide-an. Huwag ka magtanong para marinig lang ang gusto mo marinig. Ask, listen and have an open mind. When you see all the possibilities and all the angles, mas malaki ang chance that your decision will be a success.

7) Ask for advice from those who made it.

7. Ask for advice from those who made it.

Oo, huwag kang mag-decide nang agad-agad, pero wag ka rin atat. Have a mentor, teacher, adviser or coach that you can talk to, syempre yung relevant naman sa gusto mo mangyari. Ask them how did they make it. Sabi nga, matalino yung tao na natuto sa mistakes nya. Pero mas matalino yung natuto sa mistakes ng iba. Alamin ang point of view nila.

8) Ask yourself: Is my decision in line with my core values?

8. Ask yourself: Is my decision in line with my core values?

Lahat tayo, merong non-negotiables. They serve as a guide before making a decision. Start by listing them up and align them with the options you have. At least alam mo, kapag nag-decide ka na, you didn’t settle for less.

9) Check the facts and figures.

9. Check the facts and the figures.

Numbers don’t lie, that’s a fact. Kaya do due diligence and research. It can greatly improve your decision making if you know the facts and figures. Alamin mo yung iba’t ibang scenarios and start from there.

10) Look for things that cannot be quantified or seen on the charts.

10. Look for the things that cannot be quantified or seen on the charts.

If you are into basketball, alam mo na ang points made, field goal percentage, rebounds, assists, blocks, turnovers, fouls, at iba pang stats ng isang player ay quantifiable. Pero yung hustle, defense, transition, energy at iba pa ay wala sa charts. Pero equally, yung mga bagay na yun can affect the game. Sa buhay, marami ding ganyan, mga factors na di mo makikita sa trends or sa mga numbers. Take them into account as well, para ma-cover mo lahat ng factors.

11) Pray.

11. Pray

I am not promoting any religion, but if you believe in something greater and higher than yourself, ask guidance. You are not alone and of course, there is a higher power than all of us. Meditate and develop yourself. Mararamdaman mo na lang, na ready ka na and you have decided already sa bagay na bumabagabag sa ‘yo.

In A Nutshell

Decision making is not a straightforward process, pero kailangan ng grit, persistence, courage at conviction sa atin. Let us start with ourselves, and learn about how to decide properly, responsibly and truthfully. Palawakin natin ang ating mindset at tulungan ang ating bansa to grow by growing ourselves first. There is too much for everyone. Need lang nating malaman kung ano talaga ang gusto natin, decide on it, and apply the 11 guiding principles I shared.

At the end of the day, the decision you will make is always a choice between making progress and clinging to comfort. It’s good to be safe, but the dreamer in you deserves the best that this life can offer.

Kaya huwag mo nang i-delay ang pagpili na yan. Chart your course, one responsible decision at a time.

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