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It’s always a daunting task to ace an interview, especially if it is your first time, or you have come unprepared. More and more, the market for people to join a company or to be picked for a position is getting tighter and tighter as competition rages on. So, how do you really nail a job interview?

As I am both a business owner and employer, I have been in both sides of the coin where the applicant’s performance during the interview is concerned. There are times when the candidate seem to be perfect for the job based on paper but unable to show it in the interview. With this, here are my 11 tips that I can say will move you ahead of the pack, and increase your chances of getting that job you are aiming for.


1. Be completely prepared. It doesn’t hurt to know more about the company you want to be associated with or the position you are applying for.


2. Breathe. The interview is not a torture chamber of sorts. Nerves will get in the way for sure, but just be calm and relax.


3. Be confident in answering the questions. Confidence radiates, I assure you that.


4. Be clear, concise and coherent with your answers. So as to get the message across.


5. Avoid boasting too much about your qualifications. The recruiter already knows that. Focus on the value you can add to the company if they hire you.


6. Look ahead. Employers do not want to hire applicants that with a short term mindset only.


7. Be on time. Hey, you woudn’t want to set an impression of tardiness, would you?


8. Dress appropriately. It doesn’t need to be branded or expensive clothing. It is more on how you carry yourself.


9. Show your strong points and upsell yourself accordingly. Do this by being proactive and not just giving up the fight.


10. Stand out. With the number of unknown competitors you have for the position, creatively think of ways to not blend but be highlighted in the pack.


11. Begin with an end in mind. Even before the interview starts, the goal is to ace the interview. So you go there, and nail it. Focus on that.

There you have it. I hope these tips can help you land your dream job. Have fun in your job hunting!

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