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Driving Towards your Goals

The path towards success is not direct, nor is it singular. Most of the time, we tend to believe that there is only one way to achieve our goals. However, a study of the lives of successful people of different fields reveals otherwise. Although the formula might always be the same, the process will always be different for everyone making the whole journey worth it and memorable for each and every one.

So, how can we really achieve our goals? What does it take to make a dream a reality? How do we transform our lives into the life that we dream about? Let me give you my thoughts on this and insight on what helped me in achieving my personal goals.

1. Vehicle


In any journey, the type of vehicle used greatly affects the outcome, especially the speed of travel towards your destination. If you’re going from your house to a nearby store, walking is fine. If you are going to a city that is kilometers away, then you might need a car. If you will use a sports car, then the travel time would be much faster compared to using an ordinary car. You can even board a plane or a ship, if it’s applicable.

In your life journey, the vehicle pertains to the opportunities that you take to achieve your goals. Whether it is a business or a professional career, the right vehicle will pretty much affect your success or failure. I personally chose business as my vehicle as I believe that it is the fastest way for me to maximize myself and get the dreams that I have for me and my family. Your vehicle of choice may be different from what I chose. But always bear in mind that the right opportunity will always bring you closer to your endeavors.

In whichever target that you have, always ask yourself if you have the right vehicle for it. Without the right opportunity, your journey towards your goals would always feel slow, incomplete, and tiresome.

2. Fuel


After choosing the right vehicle, you should also consider an equally important element for your travel — fuel. How would you expect your vehicle to run if it doesn’t have a source of energy? In life, the fuel signifies your drive, your passion, your reason – the intricate details that moved you to decide on getting those goals you have set. Like any other vehicle, when the fuel runs out, the journey will stop.

A continuous supply of fuel is like your motivation to continue. It is an internal mechanism that brings out your inspiration, egging you to push through amidst the challenges and hardships in your path to success. For me, my fuel is my family and the future that I am building for them. You might have another personal fuel: acceptance from others, recognition of your skills, or freedom to do what you have always wanted. But I believe that each of us aim to live the way we wanted to live our lives, with purpose and love. This is a fuel that drives each of us.

3. Driver


The vehicle might be there, the fuel might be up to the brim, but if there is no driver, the journey cannot and will not start. It is like this: You want to change your life. You are so motivated to do anything for that. An opportunity presented itself to you. You know that it will be beneficial to your goal. But then you hesitated and make a pass, telling yourself that you are not yet ready. This, while still hoping and wanting to change your life.

Dilly dallying will not bring you to your goal. Remember that you are the one that holds the steering wheel of your life. As long as the vehicle is not moving, your timeline to hit your dreams is also stalling. As the saying goes, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. You have to step on that gas pedal towards your dreams because nobody else will step on it for you.

4. Knowledge


All elements — the vehicle, the fuel, the driver — are ready. But then you realize that you don’t know how to drive. So, what will you do? You study. You ask people how to do it. You invest on a driving program. You practice. You fail. You try again. And repeat until driving is like breathing. No matter how flashy your vehicle is, how outstanding your fuel is, or how ready you are to steer, if you don’t have the necessary driving know-how, then everything is just for naught. Learning brings about progress. Progress eventually leads to success.

In a race, a Camry with a driver that knows how to drive will always defeat a Ferrari with a driver that does not know how. Lack of knowledge and skills might be a roadblock to your dreams, but as long as you are determined to learn and improve, you can overcome this.

The Right Mix

Success is not just one magic answer. Ultimately, it is the right combination of factors that we all need to be aware of. The four factors that I have mentioned have been true to my journey, but there might still be other factors that can contribute to your success or failure. A sports car is definitely faster than an ordinary car. The fuel can either be gasoline or diesel, but using the wrong kind of fuel on a car will drastically affect its performance, if not cause serious damage. In driving, you don’t start at the fifth gear immediately. Instead, you start at the lowest, gradually shifting to higher gears as you gain momentum.

A person who is willing to learn has a higher chance of succeeding than others, because he is willing to invest on himself to improve and change. Always remember that you will be a trailblazer in your journey no matter what. So, give yourself a chance to be on that adventure, putting your hopes and dreams on the line, and channeling your efforts and focus to a brighter and well-deserved tomorrow.

Happy driving towards your success!

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